Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

lomarot wrote:

I tend to agree with the original post in some way, but I'd like the author to give the good example and at least post something or give a link to some masterpiece.

This forum is 60% basic amateurs, 20% intermediate amateurs (me), 15 % advanced amateurs, and 5% pros (and by pros I mean people who really know what they do with their cameras).

I think most people do not come here to see great pictures, u can find those eslewhere in the web.

I come here to learn. If this isn't a place for pictures, then DPR should remove that ability.

Since that isn't going to happen, the reality is that it is a place for pictures. And at any rate, I just saw one too many picture posts that showed a composition and technique which could be created with an entry level camera; and it was just the straw that broke the camel's back sort of thing.

There are good works here, but very far and few between all the piles of poo, which still get grandioise praising. Oh my, it's so beautiful, I love the sharpness, you can literally see the wetness of that dog crap. Wonderful picture!!

It makes me want to exfoliate my skin with a cheese grater.

This is the PRO CAMERA FORUM! There's nothing Nikon has ever made that is more professional. Why do we have to look at your pets, kids, some flower in the backyard, etc. That's all.

I don't see what the big deal is really. I was frustrated. I voiced it. It's an opinion. If your opinion differs, great. If you agree, great. I have no power to change anything. I'm just voicing my view.

I fully realize that it may feel hypocritical that I'm not giving my own examples. But I have my reasons for not having a gallery here, and not showing my own work. That doesn't mean I don't know when something is spectacular. I'm sure we've all seen a thousand sunsets by now in the photographic work of others, but some of them are so far ahead of the rest that it's like seeing the sun set for the first time. Most of them are poor copies, bland and lacking creativity, over-saturated, terrible messes.

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