Praise for the OLY 14-150mm zoom lens

Started Aug 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
Allan Brown Senior Member • Posts: 2,403
Re: Praise for the OLY 14-150mm zoom lens

eyedo wrote:

Flawless,high quality,I'm impressed.
So much better than the 45-200mm I had.

Well, I tried the 14-150 on my EPM1 at Aden this afternoon.

1) the zoom ring was very stiff. I asked the staff if this was normal and they said yes.

By contrast, my 45-200 is silky smooth.

2) with IBIS ON or OFF, I could not get sharp photos hand-held at 1/160 at 200 ISO

I can do this quite well with my 45-200.

While the 14-150 may be good optically, my copy of the 45-200 is pin sharp - even at 200mm.

Yes, the Oly is a bit smaller but not by much.

So, I will stick with the 45-200 although I would like to have the 14mm range.

Both of these are at 200mm.

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