7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue

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Re: Agreed DPP vs Adobe (Re: i think it is a software "issue" !)

So, a couple of things going on here I believe.. First, when you look at an image in DPP, Canon has already applied some "noise reduction" of sorts which takes a little of the banding out of play. It's been that way for a while.. so it isn't so much that DPP is "better" or that the banding is "3rd party introduced", it's just that Canon's DPP isn't quite giving you the same RAW image to work with as when you import into LR, Aperture, etc., etc.

Secondly, DPP is limited as to how much it will lift shadows and vs. Adobe's LR which will really let you push exposure and shadow (you also now have a "black" control in LR besides Shadows). Now all that said, I can't trade DPP for LR for large number image processing (not even talking about all the other modules). So, what I do (and posted this somewhere else), is if I have a particular image where I want to work on shadow areas, I'll process it in DPP first, export as a TIFF, and then finish it off in LR. Not very efficient, so I only do that if I really need to. It seems once DPP has had a chance to do its base level processing, you can minimize the banding in 3rd party RAW converters.

snappey wrote:

I took several 7D ISO100 Raw high contrast shots with underexposed shadow areas (highlight tone priority, auto lightning optimizer both turned off).

When pushing the exposure up in DPP, I see no banding just noise artifacts. When i use Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop and up the exposure, I see fine vertical banding artifacts.

KariP wrote:

Fred Dominic wrote:

I haven't seen this seriously discussed anywhere, and I was wondering if anyone has done an A/B comparison before/after FW2.0 re. the vertical banding issue?


Bottom line: his hypothesis (supported by some evidence) was that the banding was due to firmware problems, not an inherent problem with the hardware itself. Hence, maybe the issue has been addressed to some extent.


Vertical bnding "issue" has never troubled me in real life - low or high iso . But i can make it visible when i'm doing RAW - conversion and adjustments - on purpose. With Canon's DPP it is difficult , but with my Aperture vertical banding can be made visible - if i try to adjust deep shadow details too much ( of course this "banding" is more like pattern noise )
I believe that this is a software "issue" (raw conversion tools are different)
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