Add RAW with firmware upgrade?

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Re: Add RAW with firmware upgrade?


I didn't imply anything. I simply asked a question, hoping to find out the answer.

Obviously, future buying decisions could be influenced if there were manufacturers who have/could/would/might/do provide RAW firmware. As one poster quite sensibly asked, if hackers can do it, why don't the manufacturers?

It's not up to me to list all the cameras I own, just to ask a question. Many people find the type of post where the poster feels the need to list all his cameras, as if that were some sort of credential, to be amusingly pretentious. As it is.

I implied nothing, and it is not my fault if other posters decided to read in meanings that aren't there. I ask a simple question, and the first answer I get is "buy a different camera." And one poster thinks I'm the one who's not making sense? You have got to be kidding.

Also not my fault if other posters choose to believe that people who buy "P&S" cameras (a totally simplistic misnomer; some "P&S" cameras have full controls, and some shoot RAW) are inevitably people who know nothing about photography. It's the old "why waste quality on amateurs" argument. Totally invalid.

The purpose of these forums is to seek and provide and share useful information. This is the way I use them, and I invite you to join me in that endeavor.

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