G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

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Re: G1X and 60 sec. exposure in a bright sunny day!! (pics)

I also have the gorillapod, it is good but not as good as the Manfrotto MK394-H (this is truly a proper tripod :-))

If you can buy both filters the that is great, else get the 110, below you will find a link with some pics i took today with this filters, sometime i also added a polarizerr filter the hoya 58mm pro1 digital circular polarizer filter (very nice as well, but at wide angle when stack together with the ND filters there is some vignetting, but this is easy cropable)


I bought the Tamrac case for the filters this is an awesome little/compact pouch see link below


hope this helps


h2k wrote:

Juan, thanks for some great tips! 80 USD is certainly steep (almost like a polarizer). Now i wonder if only one of the ND filters - 6x or 10x - would be enough. You gave clear examples when to use which one, and i can't make up my mind. Maybe need both indeed?

Another question: I certainly won't carry a real tripod around (i'd rather give up on long exposures). But i could take a tiny Gorillapod sometimes. Is that ok for 10 - 60 sec exposures? Btw, i am very trained in finding - and adjusting - coffee cups, walls, chairs etc. etc. that can serve as a "camera pod". I do that a lot.

Adding one or two ND filters to my arsenal, it would mean carrying around 3 or 4 filters (including polarizer and close-up lens, all 58 mm). I'd love to have a very slim filter case, to protect all these filters inside a general walk-around bag. Sth like a very slim 10-CDs-bag. It should be most inobtrusive and lightweight. I don't use a real camera bag, but daypacks or some such depending on the day (together with a compact cam). If any suggestions, i'd like to know.

Thanks again!

juantastico wrote:

I recommend any of the following:

B+W 110 multi-coted 106 multi-coted
Hoya ND x400 Filter
Heliopan Variable ND (very expensive!)

I have both the B+W filters mentioned above, and so far no complaints, the building quality is as good as it gets! One of the best brands but not cheap approx 80.00 USD per filter.

If you want long exposures in day light do not go bellow 6 stops, this will give you between 5-15 sec exposures). For longer exposures in bright light you need a 10 stop filter, it is a little more tricky to takes pictures with (focusing and metering) as it is very dark but you will get use to it and master the technique quickly

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