The D400, will it come at all?

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Re: The D400, will it come at all?

Nikon decided long ago not to replace the D300. They are going FF like Canon except for entry level. Let's face it since the D300 there have been tons of bodies, D3000, D3100, F5000, D5100, D7000, D4, D800 etc are you telling me they couldn't have fitted a D400 in they wanted to?

Next camera to be announced will be the D600 at Photokina.

Canon same thing, the 1DX is FF, they discontinued their best wildlife bodt the 1DMark4 and the successor to the 7D will be called 6D and is full frame. So unless you plan on a Rebel going to Canon isn't solving the problem either. I think people forget that DX sensors were used to save money not for crop factors.

I would have loved to see Nikon put something out like the 1DM4, a pro body with some crop but isn't going to be.

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