assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65

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baloo_buc : assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65


Yes, I am concerned about both the points you made.

1.) with 20-30 percent of the light being sent to the AF, has anyone written how much that degrades the image quality??? I am sure that a 25 MP camera with 30 percent less light probably performs more like a........what? It has 30 percent less light, so even if 25 MP performed equal to 16 or 18, that would be no or little gain. Of course, I am simply speculating......extrapolating.....and deducing. Would like to know if anyone can share a link to a technical page where this has been examined??????

2.) Sony makes all the toys.....TVs radios, etc. Ho knows how deep their commitment to imaging runs. That may be the deal breaker for me.


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