OMD issue with high speed sequence shooting

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Re: question for you re focus and shutter problem

Regarding the variation in exposure, I think the problem was a problem with high shutter speeds, not necessarily sequences shoting. Most of my shots with the exposure problem were over 1/2000 sec.

I had not noticed an issue with focus. Think it would be a separate problem if my problem was in fact solved by replacing the shutter. Then again, the details of my camera problem and fix is suppose to be in the paper work coming back with my camera. Info on line at the repair center was very brief. Will post when I get my camera back.

Would suggest you post some samples of your focus problem, amazing what the forum members can see sometimes.


Pikme wrote:

My EM5 has just started to do something similar. In my case, using low speed sequence, the first image is dark and the others are generally fine, although sometimes there is a random dark image also further into the sequence.

The other thing I am noticing is a growing lack of precision focus. Using the smallest focus box, I get images that don't appear to be OOF, but do make my best lenses look pretty mediocre. Upon close inspection, it is easily apparent that the area within the focus box is not sharply in focus. I've particularly noticed this with my brand new 75mm lens, which isn't looking very good to me.

So my question is this --- did you also see any problems with focus? If so, has that been fixed by fixing the shutter problem?

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