Upgrade time. Canon 1 DX????

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Re: Upgrade time. Canon 1 DX????

Kim, congratulations!

I too just got my 1DX 2 days ago, what a camera.

I've owned the orignal 5D and 5D2, the 1D3 and now also have the 1D4. Sold my 5D2 a few months ago.

I've done many comparisons with the 5D2 and 1D4 for wildlife and nature. Despite everything, the 1D4 images were simply sharper and with greater DR and had that quality that I simply could not get with the 5D2 - even with the same L glass.

Tech specs aside, I think there is something different about the 1D series that translates into better images. Yes, there is the hassle factor of size and it costs a lot more, but the end results matter more to me (and to you I assume). If you have the extra discretionary income, it is absolutely worth it.

Just my 2c.


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