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Re: If the OP is serious about fraud ... What fraud?

Nippondenso wrote:

As an individual user this is the primary approach to do, which the O/P has tried to no avail.

And you know this how? Please don't tell me because he said so.

And you otherwise because ... please don't tell me because you said so

Additional points:

  • You're a relatively recent member of this forum, who joined after the D800 is released. If you had more experience with the forum, as I do, you would recognize people who've been members of this forum and supportive of Nikon for years. Like the O/P. So the O/P has no agenda in bringing this issue against Nikon, while you have yours defending Nikon no matter what it does.

  • His story is consistent with other reports. Again if you knew the forum a bit better you'd know that there is something in common to true stories: they repeat themselves.

I'm interested in Nikon acting as a responsible company . Just

Are you serious? How can you not say Nikon is not being responsible?

So far there is no action from Nikon to:

  • warn users of the issue

  • tell them how to test for it

  • repair the cameras entirely free (not the case in the US since shipping to the repair centers is at the customer's charge)

Also the first reports of a problem from highly competent photographers surfaced nearly right away after the camera shipped. Yet after several months Nikon continues to ship cameras with defective AF.

None of the above is responsible.

Nikon is repairing many cameras at a backlog because the system is choked with D800s that don't even have the problem. Hell, even some of them have "scratched mirrors" because of all the internet hype.

And you know that because ... don't tell me because you've said so The fact is that you make this up as you go.

Nikon has only itself to blame if indeed there are cameras sent to service centers which are not defective since Nikon stays silent on how to test the AF properly and explain what to look for.

And really, if a user is using his camera and never deviates from the center point does he really have a problem?

Yes he does. He'll need more than the center point if he wants to start shooting moving targets and track them, he'll need more than the center points if he wants to take advantage of the convenience of 3d tracking and face priority AF, the former significantly improved on the D800e and the latter new. So if he is a smart D800 owners he will keep his options opened and not assume that he'd never use a specific feature. He will also loose money if he ever wants to sell the camera and is unable to assure potential customers that the Af is working properly. Finally there is the principle of getting something in working order. You may be comfortable in buying defective new cars, most people aren't and for good reasons. In fact I don't believe anybody would be happy knowing that their purchase may be defective in some way. We all expect a manufacturer to make a good effort to ensure that the vast majority of its products work as advertised. I've never read anybody claiming to the contrary except for this forum. Ony the brand fanatism drives a minority to claim otherwise.

I've been buying cars for the last 30 years that have cruise control. I couldn't tell you if it works as I never tried it on any of these vehicles. If I now find out that it doesn't work do I have a problem?

Poor analogy. Neither you or the manufacturer has a reason to believe that there is a good chance that the cruise control is not working on your car. So you don't test it. Now I'm sure you'd expect the manufacturer to make a good faith effort to warn its customers if it found that the cruise control is defective in a significant proportion of cars. And you'd expect the manufacturer to make a recall, fix it as its expense. And you should have a properly working cruise control even if you don't use it : I hate to think what it would do to the value of a used car if a potential buyer finds out that the cruise control is not working.

Stop looking for excuses and move on with your life.

Stop making ridiculous excuses for Nikon and move on with yours.

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