Owners - G1X Vs G12

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Re: Owners - G1X Vs G12

I own the G12 and G1X (and the S100). They all have some simalirities but are all sufficiently different to make it necessary to handle them to see if any meet your needs.
Here is what I found as it relates to me:

1. I had the G12 first and really liked it. Loved the flexibility it provided, great images and small. Took it most places but it was slow to get those quick pictures unless camera was ready to go.

2. When I got the S100, I thought it a bit small for my chunky fingers. Also no viewfinder. But, I quickly became very fond of it since it was really pocketable and I took it everywhere. Great pictures and in my opinion same as G12. It is always with me on my belt and I seldom, if ever, miss a shot. My fingers can operate it just fine.

3. My GX1 is a totally different beast. Love the quality from the bigger sensor. It is sooo good. I take it where I can. It isn't really pocketable or fast. But I use it where I don't want to carry a dslr but want that bigger sensor edge over the others.

Since I got my GX1, I don't use my G12. I ALWAYS carry my S100......even when I carry my GX1. I get almost all my 'surprise' photos on my S100.

There is no 'best' camera in my opinion. Being familiar with a camera is essential. However, having a camera with you....any camera....is the best one you have at that time.

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