T4i/650D -- a worthy upgrade from 40D?

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Re: to all on this topic

A few opinions I have offered in the past, to the point of being run off here:

1: All Rebel models, from the 300D to the present, have offered photographic quality well beyond their retail price, during their generation

2: All Rebels have, for the most part, been denigrated by the owners of the xxD and xD series, often out of ignorance

3: It is 100% poppycock to believe that the magnesium bodied cameras will take shock and falls better than the Rebels. I believe there is reason to believe that, counterintuitively, the Rebel will take much more shock than the magnesium bodied Canons. [see the old youtube video on the remarkable durability of a Rebel and a Nikon D40 under the wildest forms of intentional abuse]

4: The ancient expression, "You get what you pay for," has never been so misleading. Although it is often true, if it were a universal fact, merely buying the more expensive product would give the buyer a superior product every time. How absurd!

[I have used the 40D since its introduction, and had 3 Rebels before that. My next camera will probably be a 7D or 5D, or their current equivalent, but the last reason I would by one of these is for presumed ruggedness]


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