Panasonic ZS15 vs. Canon S100?

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Erik Ohlson
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Don't worry so much about "Noise".

Mike Wrob wrote:

Both seem to have similar manual controls and the ZS15 obviously has a huge advantage in the amount of zoom. How much better is the S100 in low light situations?

My son in law has an S100, so I can use it if I want. It has somewhat more saturated colors, is nice & small, but lacks zoom range. I never tried it in "low light".

I'm not as interested in "Low light" as many seem to be, but I do think that rather than get all involved in which camera does "better" in lower light levels at the lower ISO settings, one should seriously consider just upping the ISO level, and shooting the shot.

2 reasons:

First: that's what your eye sees. Try this: go outside well after the sun has gone down, about the time it gets difficult to read a book outside. Look at the sky - yes, it looks grainy: "low light noise".

Second: Noise is SO easily corrected. If you use a PC, get the Free Ximagic Denoiser. If you use a Mac, get Topaz Denoiser - unfortunately not free but well worth it - far cheaper than, say buying an LX7 over a ZS19/20 or ZS15 for the occasional "noisy" picture.

Here is an example. This was shot back in 2005 in Juliaca, Peru on the way to Lake Titicaca, with a little Minolta X50 set to high ISO in an attempt to force the camera not to blur shots from a speeding, bouncing, bus.

Straight out of camera, extremely noisy:



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