MFT system recommendation

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Re: +1 with potential to get more lenses later.

Thank you all for your responses and helpful comments.

I see clearly now that I will probably end up spending more than my initial budget with a system. But I can start slow with kit + one good prime (under my total budget) sacrificing long reach and possibly wide angle a little bit and only consider continuing if I see the need and benefit. If I then end up spending more, well it will be probably worth it for some reason. In any case I will have learned something on the way even I end up selling everything and getting a compact again.

From what I see good lenses keep their value so I will not be cheap there and possibly do it on the body. Not buy the latest generation and/or look second hand.

However I am still undecided about going mft or nex. I will wait for the forthcoming sony announcements (hybrid AF and apps) and possibly reviews to see what happens. Right now i would be more comfortable with a mft system as it is more compact in size with lenses, more mature and there is a bigger market there for new and second hand stuff.


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