The Panasonic 12-35mm FAQ.......

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The Panasonic 12-35mm FAQ.......

Q. "Is the Panasonic 12-35mm optically corrected for CA"

A. "No, it relies on software correction, either in camera or via software in PP."

Q "So which cameras correct the CA?"
A "Panasonic Lumix m4/3's cameras"

Q "So Olympus m4/3's camera don't correct the CA in camera?"
A "No they don't, they only correct for distortion"

Q "So what software do I need to correct for CA if I have an Olympus camera?"
A "Any software that can correct for CA"

Q "So why don't Olympus cameras carry out CA correction in camera?"
A "I have no idea, I guess it's an evil conspiracy against Panasonic lenses"

Q "So why didn't someone tell me this before I bought this expensive lens to use on my Olympus camera?"
A "I suggest you learn to read"

Q "It's not fair, what can I do about it?"
A "Sell the lens, or the camera, or both, and get over it"

Q "But this is an expensive lens, I paid a lot of money for it, why isn't it optically corrected for CA"

A "It's the smallest lens of it's type anywhere, to make it this small and light involved a compromise, optical CA correction was one of the compromises, get over it"

Q. "The 12-35mm is a very expensive lens?"
A. "Then don't buy it"

Q "I want to buy another expensive lens to complain about, can you recommend one?"

A "Sure, the E mount Zeiss 24mm F1.8 is about £900 and it's only a prime, that should keep you busy for a while"

Q "Do you know where my friend Photoperzon is?"

A "Sure, he's in the Sony forum at the moment, give it 5 minutes and he'll be back with a new camera, some orange shots of his wife and more expert advice"
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