i want my money back-130 euros- LR4

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thank for your answers - some explanations:

i have always shoot jpeg+raw with my d90, just in case i buy one day a good program like kr4... i did it!
the first photo is the jpeg original from the d90,
and the second one comes from the raw version whitch was 'with it'.
i just select about 20 pictures, to try LR4.
i put the d90 jpegs in one place,
and the ones i got with LR4 in a other one: they are all terrible.

Of course, i just did 'import like dng files'

and then export jpegs.

the jpegs from lr4 are much bigger, but they are awful.

i am ready to learn, but i dont understand, i was hopping for something better, not this terrible CA everywhere!!
Thank you !

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