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Re: Forum Moderation

I totally agree - there are some carefully moderated forums out there where nothing ever happens. where on the Landscape forum, the first page has a thread over a year old. There are other very moderated places i could mention where the traffic is slow.

It depends on whether you want a drink in the posh hotel lobby with a white-gloved doorman, or whether you want to chance the pub down by the docks...

moving_comfort wrote:

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:


In less than 2 months, this place would be so calm you could skip a rock across it and it would just go and go and go. The waves would be gone. People would start being nicer to one another.

In less than two months, the hits on and usage levels of these forums would be so low that dpreview would consider closing them down altogether.

These forums harbor bad elements, but 'cleaning them up' to meet your requirements would result in their dusty death.

You would have a hard time making a business case for the type of forum you envision. The forum mirrors the DSLR marketplace - probably something like 40% amateurs, 50% enthusiasts, 10% pros of some sort. Take away the amateurs and enthusiasts, or curtail their activity into compartments you find acceptable, and the forum would basically collapse.


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