Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

Paul B Jones wrote:

OP raises an interesting point, one I've thought about as well - what is the value of the example images people post in these forums to demonstrate the capabilities of particular equipment?

Setting aside the technical/graph captures (which are great if you can understand them) most posted images fall into two categories.

First, there are the mediocre photos that people like me (earnest amateurs) post that are not super helpful in demonstrating a particular point and maybe are even a bit embarrassing. But they don't cause any harm so it is possible to just ignore them or maybe offer some delicate suggestions for improvement.

Don't be so sure all the photos at that level hold no useful information. I've looked at a literal 'box opening' shot that happened to be taken with the Pentax DA 40mm Limited, and the incredible contrast, clarity and sharpness of that simple shot was obvious. (no PP was done; I inquired.) I was able to tell that that lens was incredibly well corrected, sharp, and useful for several applications I had in mind. I wasn't really even aware of it before that.

I've also been able to tell if a wide-angle lens is for me - amateur shots posted with no correction are very good at pointing out a lens' flaws in real-world use. I've seen flare, contrast hits, and unacceptable levels of distortion - things that saved me time in my purchase decisions. Reviews only go so far, sometimes seeing real-world images bring things home much better.

Second, there are amazing photos posted by incredible photographers. These images are again not super helpful in proving the capabilities of particular gear because the reason they are great pictures is mostly because of the skill and experience of the photographer, not because of the equipment used.

True, but they also show you what you yourself could do with the same equipment after a bit (or a whole lot) of practice. They can be inspirational, and especially useful if the photographer happened to have achieved those shots with less costly, but quality, equipment. Those types of posts have been helpful to me as well, personally, and saved me from making a few very expensive purchases to be able to get a certain look.

So, with these limitations in mind I'll keep posting the occasional picture and looking with respect at the images others put up.

Absolutely the best course of action Paul!

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