Best m43 world traveller kit?

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Re: Best m43 world traveller kit?

chris24net wrote:

I almost always have the camera over my shoulder with the 12-35 on it. And the rest in the bag. GX-1, 14mm, flashes, batteries, cards in the main compartment, 45mm and 20mm in one of the front pockets, and fisheye in the other front pocket for easy access. This all fits rather easily.

If I need to put the OMD in the bag, then I have the OMD with 20mm, GX1, flashes, fisheye, batteries and cards in the main compartment, 12-35 in one front pocket, 45mm and 14mm in the other front pocket. And this fits tighter, but not too bad.

One thing to note, is that this is not a camera bag, so no foam compartments or dividers. I use camera wraps and foam coozies over my stuff to protect and isolate, along with lens bags and the pockets in the bag. It may not be to everyone's satisfaction, but I've not had any issues or trouble.

The bag is also a roll top for weather-proofing which does slow down getting into the main compartment a bit. Which is why I have the spare lenses I use the most in the two front pockets that are easily accessible.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. It does help, but unfortunately tells me the bag would be too small as it would have to have the camera inside for me, with lens attached. Searching for the right bag is always so frustrating.

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