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Re: Canon has a strategy...

AShimon wrote:

There have been, over the last couple of years, numerous complaints about the autofocus performance of certain 7D bodies. My 7D has performed well since day one, but I am no stranger to unique product problems. The people complaining about poor AF on the 7D had my sympathy.

Canon announced a rather tasty firmware update. One that got many a 7D user salivating. This firmware had desirable features which prompted immediate updating for those users.

Nowhere was it mentioned, by way of official channels, that this firmware update included any modification to the 7D AF system or the MFA lens tables.

To include information about improved autofocus in the new firmware release would be to admit there was a problem in the first place, which might invite litigation.

The fact that they released firmware that upgraded the capabilities of a camera that has widespread AF complaints leads me to the following:

A) Canon included features that would entice a greater number of people to download the firmware. Thus fixing as many 'problem bodies' as possible.

B) Rolling out the firmware gives them more time to focus on the next model of 7D, waiting out the competition to better position themselves in the segment.


And we really didn't land men on the moon, did we?

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