7D firmware 2.0 & the vertical banding issue

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Re: 7D firmware 2.0 Doesn't cause VB


Thank you, and while I don't have to speak for John, let me offer my own thoughts. The issue with Vert. Banding is also somewhat associated (perhaps loosely and not direct technically) with the Dynamic Range we can get out of these Canon sensors. You can use methods like HDR, etc. (I'm interested in how the 5DmkIII does this relative to banding), to bring an image more true to life. Depending on the overall scene, our eyes can see more "shadow detail" then the metering system will allow us to take.. If that weren't the case, we wouldn't be seeing so many tools giving us RAW capabilities to address this.

So, in a sense, the "properly exposed" part doesn't give Canon a pass here (IMHO). It appears other sensor vendors have addressed DR on chip. More DR, the better to expand the image in Raw processing. I'm thinking Canon will address it (hopefully) at some point as well, at least I hope so.

kcbeatty wrote:

Yes, I am not a CMOS Sensor expert either.

Jay your approach to corrections are the correct way to make changes to specific areas and not effect the entire image. If you are good at masking then the entire correction can be performed in PS.

John, I have never noticed any VB in any of my properly exposed images. Sure you can push the viewing area beyond 100% and the pixels do start to display a vertical grouping of the pixels. This is a result of the sensor process of capturing the image. I never display or print images above 100% crop so why should I be concerned?

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