Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

It's not neccessarily beautiful, but the point is that it's different and impressive. And also, it's so often copied that there are Photoshop Actions that try to replicate it. This is exactly why I won't share my work; because most everyone is a follower, and I don't need to feed the sheeple who will reduce my unique artistic expression by stealing my color and light for their own imagery.

It seems your purpose in pursuing art is self aggrandizement and in that case your position makes a bit of paranoid sense and is its own punishment. If you could shed that spiritual liability and embrace art as a shamanesque pursuit of truth you might find peace and your haters irrelevant. (I'm a hard core rationalist so my terms should not be taken as an endorsement of mysticism of any kind.)

As to beauty,yes, it may be art's best friend but art also has a vigorous life when they are apart as your link clearly shows.

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