RAW or TIFF image size options?

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Re: RAW or TIFF image size options?

BruceB609 wrote:

Thanks for the responses and information though I was wondering why TIFF isn't commented on.

I don't know if TIFF actually retains as much data as RAW (even given the larger file size) but from what I've opened in ACR, there's plenty to work with, more than a converted JPEG. When I get more time, I'll have to run some trials on my next ACR upgrade. The only way I get the most editable JPEG data is limiting in camera JPEG processing... least compression, lowest contrast, least sharpness and saturation with a little underexposure. Of course it depends on the lighting conditions. I'd be interested to know what Olympus cameras maintain the highest JPEG integrity considering the good feedback on Olympus JPEG qualities.

From this thread response, the E-1 becomes an even more valuable tool if Olympus RAW is limited to full resolutions. I'd certainly agree about an E-5 file size being both adequate and practical for most photography but I'm looking ahead, at what's to come on this subject. With an EM-5 resolution at 16MP, I'd not be surprised if Olympus was squeezing in 24 before we know it, whether FT or microFT.

I do understand RAW to some extent. It is the full, complete and unprocessed image data the camera is capable of recording, yes but how this depends on the sensor technology does go beyond me though I do grasp some essence of it. It's when I see RAW capabilities as explained in this Canon link below, that I become curious as why it's limited to Canon. This link also repeats my point about preferences for a lower resolution RAW option.

Since camera manufacturers seem so inclined to keep adding resolution, my feeling is that a reduced RAW resolution, or something close to it (TIFF?) will probably become more and more welcome.


Nope - just upgrade your PC.
SSD drives give a massive speed boost.

Imagine trying to open a 5-10Mb file 10 years ago? Barely possible. Now it's normal.

PC's easily keep pace with camera file sizes, no need for manufacturers to work on special RAW versions for slow PC's. I'm sure they would say also that they already do that as jpg.

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