Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Underwater housing for RX100

Hi Neo,

Me like RX100 because its is small too hahahaah.
My apology, mode dial on top.......yes yes, I almost forgot RX100 has that.

I don't have my NEX7 housing with me, its being "whored" by my friend, meaning borrowed hahaha. However there is no need to lift the housing's mode switch on NEX7.

I took a look at NA-RX100 photo, its seems to share the same dial with its S100 cousin.
NEX7 one different design though. Will see.

Yes, me from Indonesia, where are you from ?

I am a GoPro nut case too.....ha ha ha. These are my housings in sequence of purchase date, which is also their introduction dates :

I have Sartek, Eye of Mine standard & pro and 3D ( leaked !!!!), Aquapix plastic and glass flat lens for GoPro, custom made derlin housing no button 200 meters rated from a French diver ( there was no 100 meter housing back then from Patima or UK-Germany ),BlurFix, BackScatter & GoPro Dive Housing. I like best to use UrPro Cyan from BlurFix but on BackScatter housing.

GoPro HD2 is not undewater friendly for its AWB, its more greenish than HD1.

HD1 is blueish and normal for UW even without color correction filter. You wait, the SRP-Blurfix gang will have a flip on color correction filter for your GoPro Dive Housing.
Its like the BackScatter flip one but a bit better.

If you have not messed with color correction filter for GoPro housing, take a look at my test here : ( its worth the investment )

The Nauticam RX100 video housing is a bit taller to accommodate HDMI connection. If you take a look, RX100 HDMI port stupidly is hidden near the tripod hole....ha ha ha. So I don't have to guess, but I am hoping that Nauticam will make a sort of groove for this HDMI plastic cover to sit flush on camera tray in housing...........otherwise me got to cut off that HDMI plastic door. I also think the tray will have a built in HDMI 90 degrees connector/adapter or HDMI wires will break when forced to do 90 degrees bend.

Basically all newer Nauticams housing after D7000V can use an optional HMDI bulkhead, so they are video ready....... but since RX100 placed its HDMI on camera bottom and not on the sides like NEX7 or other cameras, the housing for HDMI version is taller, no choice. It will have a tray like NEX7 housing and it is more accurate a placement for a camera in a housing when there is a tray.

I too is not a photo dude, more of a video fun fun dude hahaha. I am a photo dummy too hahaha. The RX100 will be a great video tool. Its F1.8 lens compared to a kit lens NEX7 at no better than F3.5 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy brighter. I suggest you get a URpro Cyan screw on color correction filter for your RecSea, I am sure they have the thread size to fit RecSea.....67mm threads yes ?

RX100 probably shares the same processing engine with NEX7, it will benefit color correction filter. My friend drive his NEX7 to 7000 kelvin to get the red out without filter or lights but still it lacks the kick he said. He does more video UW than me by a far margin and does it commercially.

I am looking forward for your RX100 UW video yah...yummyyyy !!!!
Thanks Neo.


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