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Re: nonuniform

An attempt to bring balance:

I completely agree with, and support the OP. I had a similar experience when commenting on a HDR image. I felt that it looked like crap and had no value or raison d'etre on that forum - I still believe the same, HDR images have little to do on a camera-specific forum unless you've got some HDR specific function on the camera that you want to adress. We DO have forums for computer graphic effects, there are also beginner forums to post your work at.

The thing is, even if you ARE inexperienced with a new shiny, such as the D800 or D4 at the time of this writing, chances are you'll still need advice on how to use it and get the most out of it - that is perfectly valid reason to post on the D4-D1 forum. If you repeatedly get the same photographic effect in some special setting, this is STILL the place to post about it, and even give a few samples of what you are experiencing.

Occasionally, you get posts like these:

PERFECTLY valid for posting here.

To add something new to the mix, what I see failing on dpReview, is the lack of moderation. Moderators should be moving posts around at a far higher pace than what you currently see. (Do we even have moderators?). Images posted for comment - move them to a critique forum. Images posted with computer effects added, move them to the computer graphics related forum (Digital Darkroom is it?), light technique questions and posts, move them to lightning technique forums. Questions about payment "why am I not being paid for these images" move'em to the pro section. There ARE proper forums for just about everything here, we just lack the moderator strength to move posts to them. Heck, I've even asked myself a couple of times why my own posts haven't been moved to another forum when they so clearly are off the scope of where I posted it.


I completely agree with the OP, but I feel the problem is lack of moderator action.

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