Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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nonuniform wrote:

You should post some examples of what blows you away, either in your own work or others. I would welcome that, I love seeing great work.

I've often thought about posting some websites of the art that I admire that's out there. But number 1, I'm not sure that the photographers I admire would want the foot-traffic that would arrive at the doorstep, because a lot of people on the net nowadays are too quick to judge, and the mob mentality gets pretty sad. Why would I share something I deem to be beautiful with people I find so ugly? (Not you in particular, I thought you were quite nice and I liked that you would ask me to show anything that I would find to be impressive so that you and others could see where I'm coming from). But I really would only want to share my favorite artists that I admire with other people I admire.

Why give a gift to so many who express hatred? I've had to report at least 5 people in this single thread so far for personal attacks against me. That's ridiculous. And the irony is that I'm being called a troll for simply having an opinion that doesn't sit well with the witch hunt mob. But I have not one single time made a personal attack on anyone, nor insulted them in an immature manner.

I can share this website with you, because it's been shared here so often, what would 1 more time matter?

It's not neccessarily beautiful, but the point is that it's different and impressive. And also, it's so often copied that there are Photoshop Actions that try to replicate it. This is exactly why I won't share my work; because most everyone is a follower, and I don't need to feed the sheeple who will reduce my unique artistic expression by stealing my color and light for their own imagery.

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