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Re: product photography question

Everyone is giving you advice for getting rid of shadows... is that what you were asking? Or are were you wondering why your shadows are yellow-ish?

Shadows can often take on a warm hue, which looks very unnatural to the eye because in nature shadows are usually blue-ish (due to the sky). In still life photography this is caused either by a warmer fill light or fill card, or by a warm bounce coming from the object you are shooting itself. In certain cases it can be caused by the modelling lights, or by the color of the paper itself (most white seamless paper is slightly warm). I often need to desaturate shadows in post when shooting on white.

If you are simply trying eliminate shadows, there are plenty of ways to go - although shadow-free lighting looks pretty bad. Don't light a translucent surface from below, this is a bad recommendation that I often hear. Try lighting with a soft light source from directly above the lens.

Good luck.

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