Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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I know several people, myself included, who won't post images here because, frankly, there are too many jerks in the forum and the odds of having your work ripped off (either conceptually or literally) is a bit high. In fact, as I photograph people, I've had specific requests that none of the images ever reach the photographic forum community....sometimes with this one even specifically mentioned, which should tell you something about the reputation here. Far too many idiots, incompetents, trolls, personal attacks and the like really to risk putting something you really like up here. This place frankly has become boneyard of inept whining idiocy lately. I totally can see why good poster after good poster leave. It's not the lack of imagery, it's the lack of common simple thought and common sense, amongst other things. But I digress.

Plus, let's be honest - there is a vast difference between seeing someone's gallery quality print hanging and a cruddy web compressed jpeg. No way you can tell image quality from the vast majority of images on the web anyway.

The other thing though is - this IS a gear forum, and contrary to what some think - the opinion and knowledge of someone from a technical perspective can be valuable even if they are not a great artistic vision. This whole thing where people only listen to people who post "great" images is somewhat foolish. There are people who don't post images, or great images, whose input is valuable - someones technical contributions to a gear forum can be very good even if their artistic output is limited. Frankly, if I want to see images, I'll head over to Fred Miranda and lurk. If I want to discuss gear, I'll head here. There's enough different places to see images if one wants.


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