White Paper Backdrop vs Chroma Green Muslim

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Re: White Paper Backdrop vs Chroma Green Muslim

Hi... yes true, I have seen that as well, so I am just getting a $50 shipped 107" white paper roll from Adorama on ebay and be done with it, and use a white/beige satin cover for the bed/floor for "personal" effect, and probably just a thick white sheet to cover my red wall that the sunlight reflection will fall on.

Once I get a larger room to shoot I'll go and purchase a chroma bg, and by that time hopefully I am getting some income from this!


The green chroma is certainly a useful backdrop to have, and you are definitely right about getting the lighting correct on it. Editing is so easy as long as you get the light right.

The only thing that I found was that there could often be an issue with a slight green tinge around the edge of the model, and particularly in the hair if the model had light hair. It may just have been poorly set up lighting on my part, but it could make editing a bit more time consuming that it should have been. I tend to use a HiLite these days, so the green muslin is just there as a 'back up', but at that price it is worth having in your kit.

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