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In a vacuum

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Now that's a much better laid trap.

Anyway, another thing I think about with my work is that I have my own style. It's not neccessarily Dragan by any means; but it is my own style. And frankly I don't want people trying to emulate it. Also, for the most part, when I get so many insults from people who have hurt feelings over a forum they think they partially own or somehing, I really just don't think they deserve to see my work.

I used to share a bit here, long ago. But the thing I wish to avoid is being part of the army of clones. Everyone here thinks shallow depth of field is so amazing, and the bokeh is so beautiful; and I don't agree at all. But I do know that I have actually made a couple of people cry just from looking at my stuff, and maybe that's because it's so different from anything that's others are doing.

I'm not a clone. I'm not a follower. That's why you won't ever see my work. Because once it's out there, then everyone will want to do it. IT'S THE NEW HDR!!! LOok at this guy's work!

And then it's not MY work anymore. I've just collected all the clones to follow me.

So no thanks.

The irony & the twillight zone wraped into one...

If you are that magnificent, "sherly" you must be known and your work must be talked about in the respected magazine of the world. If you are that good, you will be discovered, like it or not or else you live in a vacuum. On the other hand, the way you talk, it looks like it would be easy to copy you, so you might as well remain hidden.

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