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They now want you to agree with their lifestyle

The issue I have with (some) gays is they now want me/everyone to agree with their lifestyle, and I don't, but I would shoot their event. Why, because as a business, it's illegal to not do it because of my beliefs and it may be good for business. When you own your own business in the USofA, you can not refuse anyone who can pay for your services because of race, sex, age or gay and others. You can refuse if they are fat or short or tall or ugly for now anyways, they are bound to be added to the first group someday.

A small one or two person business in your home has the same laws against discrimination as Best Buy or Bank of America has.

A couple in Minnesota was refuse a room at a Bed and Breakfast because the husband and wife who owned it, did not approve of the couple not being married and sleeping in their home. The B&B lost in court, just like Holiday Inn could not refuse a room to the unmarried couple, the small B&B can not.

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