Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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And perhaps the worst of all is when someone's mediocre work is celebrated because people are too timid to be honest, too politically correct to be realistic, too polite to be actually useful.

The best advice I ever received from someone was that my color use subtracted from their viewing experience. Mostly I get it right on my own, but that was useful advice because it wasn't watered down lip service, it was the truth. And I wouldn't mind posting my pictures except that I know that people wouldn't be truthful at all, they would just be spiteful because I don't walk the same path they do. I don't have be a yesman to everyone on the internet. I just saw one too many craptastic images and decided to say something. I haven't called anyone a name or insulted anyone at all; but I've been insulted by quite a few people. I suppose that will stop once the ban hammer starts pounding.

4x5 Guy wrote:

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Here's a picture of my hometown, and the sky is blown out completely. But everyone cheers the guy on anyway. Good job, you did good capturing the buildings. No one even notices that the sky is a white nothingness. Or the shot that's just plain useless.

That's one of thw worst aspects of this forum. A bad/mediocre image is presented. Instead of constructive criticism, there are enough people who take equally bad images or who have NO aesthetic capabilities or who are just afraid of criticizing for fear of essentially criticizing their own images that they praise these bad images and the person that presented their images does not get a chance to learn and improve.

Most images posted on this forum are just plain mediocre or bad. This is really just a children's show and tell forum.

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