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Re: Go Pussy Riot!!!

mh2000 wrote:

Many Westerners, myself somewhat included, find a grain of hope in the image of these girls disrupting social order .

It's not about Russia, West/East or any other place on Earth. Not about religion either. It's about whether you are an anarchist and want to destroy society or you want to preserve some order.

If you find your hope in disrupting of social order why don't you follow Occupy Wall Street movement? IMO it's a stupid movement because they don't have any clear strategy, but that movement had way more sense than single stupid performance that those clueless Russian girls made.

Or, maybe I need to remind you about riots in Detroit in 60's, or burglary in New Orleans after Katrina? Was it good? Because this is exactly what you hope for - " disrupting social order ". It's your words.

Or, from recent events, how about supporting Julian Assange? Ecuador granted asylum to Assange, but British goverment wanted to assaul Ecuador property and disrupt diplomatic immunity. Is that fair?

See, sh_t can happen everywhere. If you have a solution for all world's problems, I think you should aim a bit higher than photography forum or some unknown magazine. Maybe you need to try politics and see what happens.

If you can't formulate your thoughts beyond that "disrupting social order" is positive and you can't dig in details of the matter you are talking about, then, perhaps you should stay focused on what you are good at. Maybe it's photography, but I don't know.

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