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Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Number 1: That's on purpose. I have wonderful pictures, but I don't need any help to understand that. I don't require anyone's praise to realize that. I don't need to share my work anywhere, and I certainly don't want people copying my work.

It must be lonely once this level of perfection has been attained. I quite enjoy sharing my work with others and listening to their comments to help me improve. I think my photography would all seem a bit pointless if I weren't to share it with anyone else... so respect for BV for being able to take photos that no-one else will ever see... a unique and modern interpretation of a visual art has been achieved by making it non-visual!

Just joking of course, but an approach that avoids showing your photos for fear of any form of criticism or of plagiarism / copying does seem a little odd.

Number 2: Even if I posted an image that would make mother's cry, angel's sing, and dead men dance; the cynical, sarcastic people on the internet would find something, anything at all, wrong with it.

Given how you've set yourself up for criticism if you ever do post an image I think you should just be happy making mothers cynical, angels sarcastic and dead men cry!

I'm afraid you've dug yourself into a bit of a hole here. If you post an image you will probably get a lot of unfair criticism (although ultimately will get a fair bit more respect if the image is actually any good). If you don't post an image then people will consider you a bit of a hypocrite.

I must agree with the sentiment of your original post though. A lot of the posted images tend to be to illustrate that a D800 has been unboxed, rather than to help illustrate a technical point or demonstrate what the camera is capable of. It would be good if someone with your level of confidence in your own ability could help change that by posting some better examples. If you genuinely don't need people to tell you that your images are good then you really won't mind if people criticise them either.

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