Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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Re: Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

Highjacking a complaint thread is not the best way to get feedback on how to shoot the Milky Way.

I didn't notice that you wanted help with it until I saw this post.

Coma is a characteristic of the lens. You may be able to reduce it with a smaller f/stop, but the real solution is to use a lens that doesn't produce it.

Exposure time and star trails are dependent on lens focal length. The wider the lens, the longer the exposure can be without getting oval stars.

You might be interested in Barn Door mounts. Google it and you will find out how you can make cheap simple device that will allow longer exposures without trailing.

sssesq wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

This is an equipment forum and we should expect posted images that show technical rather than artistic examples. It would be refreshing to see some more quality work though as those are generally the best examples of what a camera is capable of.

Ya, and still nobody has cared enough about my shot to give advice. I told you that I used in camera NR, that I wondered if a smaller aperature would help control coma and what about a higher iso and shutter speed to stop the star motion. I could have said that I used MUP and delay release, but nooo, nobody wants to comment. What other hardware parameters could I adjust. I am starting to think that all the posters in this forum want to do is complain about their focus problems. Is that all you are competent to speak to? Do I have BO??Maybe the new Canon Astro camera should have been used.

ps I forgot to say that the bright hororizen was due to light pollution from a farmhouse yard light about 400m away. This was unplanned.

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