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Phil Hill wrote:

Photo Pete wrote:

When I visit an art gallery i would have serious reservations taking advice from someone about technique and equipment if I had no idea of what their own abilities were. I would happily listen to their views on their emotional response to the artwork, but that is not what this forum is about.

Well, I wasn’t talking about advice. And neither were you in the post to which I replied. You only mentioned comments, and that you dismiss them in the absence of an online gallery.

Poor wording on my behalf in my original post. I have no problem with people expressing their personal view by commenting on images or discussions, but I do have a problem where that view implies they have a level of expertise or experience that can't easily be backed up or verified.

I just believe that posters should be free to comment on what they like or don’t like without having to demonstrate a skill level. My fear was that posts like the one I first replied to are only going to make newcomers afraid to comment, while doing nothing at all to deter the folks whose goal it is to stir up trouble.

I would never advocate anything that would deter posting or commenting, nor would I ever propose that demonstrating expertise or competence should be mandatory... and I don't think I did that in my posts here. What I did say is that the reader of those posts is more likely to dismiss those comments / advice if they do not have any idea of the skill level or expertise of the person posting.

It is the sheer number of posts providing 'expert' opinion without any demonstration of 'expertise' that I find frustrating.

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