Nikon D90 Ruined Image Sensor

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Mr Physics
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D90 Ruined Image Sensor?????

I would try shooting the "bulb" shots with the long exposure NR on. Also, Nikon includes those viewfinder cap for a reason....perhaps you are getting light leakage through the viewfinder to the sensor?

I don't have any hard facts or figures, but my understanding of very long exposures is that the uneven self heating of the sensors can produce hot pixels. There has to be a reason why 30 secs is the longest timed exposure (of any Nikon DSLR?) and you may just be experiencing that limitation.

I have never actually used an eye-cap (Nikon part # DK-5), but they exist for some reason. I don't remember doing very much "bulb" exposure, but I believe that is why Nikon includes this small piece of plastic with your new body.

It could be that your fine camera is in good shape and that you are operating it outside of the bounds that it's designers put into place.

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