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Phil Hill wrote:

Uploading images isn’t the only way to present one’s work, and some people prefer prints. When I have a shot with artistic merit, the last thing I’m going to do is ruin it by throwing away 80% of the information for viewing on a 72-96ppi back-illuminated display. Computer screens are okay for snapshots, but not, in my opinion, serious art.

I completely agree. Prints are greatly preferable to on-screen viewing, particularly as we have no idea how well the viewer's computer system is colour calibrated or how good their monitor is.... but a quality image will always come across as such, even if it doesn't meet the high standards of the original print.

Your view may be different, and that’s my point. Lack of uploaded images doesn’t really prove anything. And I’d even go so far as to say that nobody in these forums really has to prove anything at all. Why is “proof” required to back up one’s opinion?

No-one needs to prove anything, I would agree. But without giving some idea of their own expertise their opinion is greatly de-valued, and that is the way it should be. People come to these forums to learn about equipment and how to use it, but the vast number of deliberately confrontational 'opinions' that are provided with no indication of the poster's expertise or knowledge simply risk providing misinformation. Quite rightly people should value those opinions of posters whose work they can see as an example of their experience and skill.

When you visit an art gallery, do you only listen to comments by proven artists? Does every art critic have to be an accomplished artist before you’ll take their comments seriously?

When I visit an art gallery i would have serious reservations taking advice from someone about technique and equipment if I had no idea of what their own abilities were. I would happily listen to their views on their emotional response to the artwork, but that is not what this forum is about.

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