Best m43 world traveller kit?

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Re: Best m43 world traveller kit?

chris24net wrote:

GX-1 with viewfinder as backup
Panny 12-35mm
Panny 14mm
Panny 20mm
Oly 45mm
Samyang 7.5mm fish
OM-D clip on flash
FL-300 flash
Extra batteries, cards, filters, step rings, etc.

All carried in a Millican Stephen bag that is very small. Which will also fit my iPad.

How does it actually all fit in there? Does the OM-D fit with a lens attached and without the bag bulging out? I find messenger bags too tall/deep and I'm interested in the Millican Stephen but it's hard to see if things will fit well. Once fitted, are things easily accessible or is it real tight?


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