Fast SD Cards Tested ....Don't waste your money

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Re: Fast SD Cards Tested ....Don't waste your money on any cheap class ten card

EvilOne wrote:

I stated I bought the recommended card that Sony said were the best... the Sony duo sticks @ 45 MB/s... I bought two I used one of them and was not happy with its performance in clearing the buffer on my A77...

This has nothing to do with being cheap or not. Instead this has to do with trusting someone you shouldn't have. Yes, Sony should know what's best but do you really trust them to recommend a different brand and lose the sales? That was silly of you, but doesn't actually relate to spending less money being a bad thing.

So the idea behind my post here was to say that the title of this Thread is misleading in that I wasted my money on the slower and cheaper class ten cards ( Sony 45MB/s duo sticks )

Yes, it is a bit misleading... but if someone went out and made a purchase based on the title alone? Then they clearly need to learn not to trust every thread title on the internet. Again, nothing to do with spending more or less money. If they bothered to read the thread they would have realized that only the A57 had been tested and that it would not make sense to confidently extrapolate to a higher level model.

Now THAT was a waste of money... I compared the two in a real world environment and offered my experience to those who might actually believe the topic of this thread..

Well, this thread was about the A57. Certainly it's reasonable (nay, relevant and possiblyt helpful) to point out that on an A77 you had a different experience with a different set of cards (no comment was made about the performance of Memorysticks here). Just don't go blasting everyone that buys the card that performs just as well in their camera and at a lower price. It really just keeps your point from getting across which is too bad.

I also said that if clearing the buffer is not a concern , then any class 10 card will work...

Yet you also said:

EvilOne wrote:

I can Not afford to buy anything too cheap

as if to suggest that you can only afford (and same goes for everyone else) to spend more money, not less. Point is, again, some people can't afford to (or just don't want to) pay more for something that won't be any better for them and instead choose to get something that get's them the best bang for the buck in their situation. Also, there are numerous cases where spending more costs more and gets you a worse product. Blanket statements don't usually pan out. (woops, I just made one)

I just wanted to let people know that in a real world application , specific to my needs, being an action shooter in Burst mode@2 12 FPS. The Sandisk 95 MB/s card is the best bang for the buck... Also there are some 110 MB/s cards being introduced...but they are 400 dollars for 32 GB... faster? Sure! but not the best bang for the buck.. when a 95MB/s card can now be bought for 80 dollars for 32 GB.

So what's wrong with someone letting people know that in their specific case of using an A57 that they will not see any benefit from the 95mb/s card in the context of in-camera performance? I don't know what gear you've got but lots of people buying A57's are likely to not buy another camera for several years at which point the 95MB/s card (or rather it's equivalent) will be dirt cheap and they can buy it then for less than the price difference is now. That is certainly the case in my personal situation so far.

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