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Re: Sony A57 - Short Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

Hey, No problem--thanks for the comments! Yes, roomy. Before I realized that the Sony A57's auto gain control created a hiss/hum between dialogue, we were using the Sennheiser MKE 400. After I discovered there is no way to manually adjust audio gain, we bought a Tascam DR-40.

Below is the diaogue as recorded:

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Opening news report: Tascam DR40 attached to 10-foot pole -- attempted to keep it around 4-feet from the camera depending on the shot

-- Interview of the news reporter and scientist -- Sennheiser MKE 400 attached to camera. Distance from actors - 6 feet to 7 feet depending on shot. 2 to 3 feet for med. closeups.

-- Rest of the dialogue: Tascam

Is the roomy feeling due to sound bouncing off walls? We mistakenly recorded the newscasting dialogue in a room with 15-foot cathedral ceilings, and, frankly, this dumb rookie mistake is causing me TONS o' headaches.

We have been using Magix Music Maker to try to make it less echo-y / roomy. But it's really not working. I have had no luck with audacity, and Magix' Audio Cleaner isn't any better for my clips.

Does anyone out there have experience with the Zoom H4N? Should I have bought that instead of the Tascam DR40?

For the Tascam, I kept the input level at 50. (the range is 1 to 100). If I went any higher, I ended up with a hiss in the headphones that I feared would translate to the final sound file. Consequently, I ended up with very low-volume sound. I kept the low cut noise floor at 120 hz.

I'm thinking I should have shot those scenes in a smaller room or used fake walls and blankets to dampen the sound.

Any other comments or solutions would be GREATLY appreciated.


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