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Re: product photography question

To sort of combine the responses as I do product photography too. B&H photo is a good resource.

Use a seamless white background. I use Savage paper in the 4' roll. Number 1-53 is pure white.

If you don't have a shooting table (do not use a tent) use any table. Take the roll and tape it with gaffers tape to the wall and roll over table. I have a space with concrete block wall so I am not worried about any paint getting ruined. If not buy stand and center bar to roll the paper.

Place camera on tripod, turn off any image stabilization, use manual mode, Cable release if you can. A light meter is helpful, but not a deal breaker. Using it is easy, I suggest a Sekonic model.

I am using Elinchrom D-lite monolight kit with soft-boxes, 200 W/s each light so its a 400 W/s kit. Move the lights, adjust strobe output power to get what looks right. It also depends how small or large the object is. All I need are two lights for now.

For product stuff a Macro lens is preferred. F-stop between 5.6 & 11. Use the lowest ISO possible, shutter speed is usually 125 using a 160 ISO.

If a product is small use a table top tripod and the Joby Gorilla pod works.

I also have a selection of props to make things not seen by the camera. They are items a jewelry store uses for a display to show jewelry. I use clear or white whatever matches the background.

A lot is on the fly to think outside the box. Techniques that a food photographer uses I may use for product stuff. No hard fast rules.

tomoco wrote:

I'm shooting some small products on a white background (white paper sweep). I'm using 2 Ego lights on each side and a 100mm lens on a tripod. The shots look fine but I seem to get a little off-white, yellowish shadow around the product i'm shooting. Any tips for making the surrounding area a nice solid white? Thanks

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