Is my Hard Drive dying???

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Re: Windows Update problem???

I have the computer up and running but I will know for certain if it is good after a few more days. Man, there is a lot of stuff one has to know about these computers. On my job I work with computers, but only with MS office and I always have to help other with this software. I'm good with the software, but with the hardware I know very little. There is a lot of good information from the PC forum, a lot of knowledgeable people here.

Maybe in 20 more years these computer companies with produce computers that will always be perfect and will be able to diagnose the problems when they arise, and show what the problems are on the screen. Someday, we hope.

Brad99 wrote:

It's likely video/memory problems as a lot have said. It could just be a poor contact though, it's worth removing everything with a slot connector like memory and wipe the contacts clean with a pencil eraser until they're shiny.

I don't think anyone has mentioned the PSU, they can fail gradually, with ripple voltages increasing massively - this can cause weird symptoms. In the old days of analogue RGB video I would have said it was a quite likely cause of video banding, but not so much now with DVI.

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