Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

Thanks for the research, however .....

An excerpt from the opening paragraph reads: "The offence is targeted at non -photographic images (this includes computer generated images (CGI's), cartoons, manga images and drawings) and therefore specifically excludes indecent photographs, or pseudo-photographs of children, as well as tracings or derivatives of photographs and pseudo-photographs. " Emphasis added.

This may be more helpful:

Note that indecency is not defined in statute but instead is determined by the jury based on current standards, however that concept may be defined.

This may be helpful if you've the time:

I get the impression that the legal system in the UK (or at least England and Wales) have a great deal of latitude in a preliminary determination of the indecency of an image. In that case, it wouldn't be unreasonable (under that legal system) for police to make an arrest, release the individual on police bail, and then refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision about indecency. The indecency concept sounds vague enough that the arresting PC and the Charge Officer at the station may be hard put to come to a sound conclusion and so pass the whole thing to the CPS.

I think I should stick to flowers and finials ....

Doug J wrote:

Dan Marchant wrote:

Of course it will probably turn out that the mother of some kids didn't like the fact he was taking egregiously backlit photos that didn't show little johnny's "good side"; or simply assumed that anyone mad enough to want to take photos is a peado.

Perhaps that will be the outcome. I did some checking on the web for the definition of the offence he was suspected of committing and arrested for. The Crown Prosecution Service has explicit details, somewhat disturbing and some are too descriptive to post here.

It's hard to imagine how someone taking photos in a public bus station could meet the law's required 3 criteria, yet it is what it is. No wonder the police are trying to find the witness that complained.

The person's name was not included in the news item, I don't know if in the UK individuals that are arrested are identified to the public. In some countries this information is released, at least in some cases, prior to a trial and conviction.


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