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Re: A forum for luthiers...

altendky wrote:

aaanouel wrote:

This is a forum for luthiers not for violin players.

The general response to this, I believe, is that this forum is defined by brand (Sony) and technology (SLR) so it is somewhat expected that the talk would be focused on brands and technology. Perhaps the forums defined by photography style (street, portrait, landscape...) could be reasonably expected to be more about the photography itself? (and maybe even have more pics)

Personally, I am here to learn about the tech. I certainly do have a lot to learn about composition and the artistic side of photography, but I do go out and take photos when I want and read here when I want to learn about the tech.

Anyways, I don't disagree with your statement... though I did have to look up what a luthier was. :]

+1 ,congratulations, you have been very educated in response

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