Frustrated with this Forum's Photographic Examples

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tashley wrote:

I understand your reasoning and agree with large parts of it... but when you know your work is good, then ill-informed or construed criticism becomes irrelevant and there are lots of people on here who aren't cynical or sarcastic and who really like to see good images. There are also lots of people who might make constructive comment, rather than criticism, that might be useful or interesting to even the best photographer. Despite the carping here, there are a still plenty of good guys.

All that said there's no reason you should share, other than the pleasure and edification it might give others, but I do think that criticising the work of others rings hollow with many readers unless they can see the base from which you criticise. I know you don't agree but it's clear from the responses in this thread that many people feel that way.

It is my hope that some people who do average work and post for help, will do so in the beginner's section where they belong.

It is my hope that when someone does post a picture from a camera system costing thousands of dollars, that it is an appealing picture.

A lot of pictures are good, but the majority aren't worth posting.

I suppose it's kind of like getting mad at people for rubber-necking a car accident and making my damned line in the highway last longer because they want to see a bloody arm or something. I could honk the horn, but I'd only be educating the very few people around me that will hear it. The next time, at the next accident, there will be new people slowing down for a good look. So I guess it's the same here as well; I'm just spinning my wheels for something which I know to be true, but for which nothing or almost nothing will change.

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