Moving to OM-D from Nikon D7000 - lenses

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Re: Moving to OM-D from Nikon D7000 - lenses

Clayton1985 wrote:

Unless you know exactly what you want I would recommend getting the OMD with a few Olympus lenses taking advantage of the rebates. That will give you some room to sell the lenses if they don't work out without losing much.

It has taken me a while to get used to the differences in m4/3 versus APS-C or full frame. Until you make the adjustment it's hard to know what lenses you are going to want.

Maybe start with one of the kit lenses (maybe the 12-50), the 9-18 and the 40-150. After rebates you would be around $1900. You could add the 45 f1.8 for another $250 after rebate (the 12mm and 17mm primes are also available with the rebate). This would put you around $2150 net but more importantly you should be able to sell any one of the above lenses without losing much if anything.

If you do decide to get one of the Panasonic lenses I would probably go with the 25 f1.4. I doubt you lose much selling it if you get it at a decent price.

How do I find and take advantage of this rebate?

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