OT: My Pussy Riot Article

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Re: OT: Sorry...

Im not sure I can post this but I copied/paste a part of the lyrics: editing the (i)

Sh*t, sh*t, the Lord's sh*t!
Sh*t, sh*t, the Lord's sh*t!

I think this covers the hatred of God part! If this isnt disrespectful I dont know what is, Im glad christians are for the most part peaceful people.

No im not confusing being gay with feminism, misandry and lesbianism, I know what each mean!

the hatred of god as the male figure and the adoration of the virgin mary as a feminist also would suggest an underlying hatred of men. But im not going to have a sexuality talk with you here on dpreview, the other posters might no like it! especialy on a micro four thirds forum!

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