Nikon Shooter Considering System Switch: D7000 -> 60D

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Re: Nikon Shooter Considering System Switch: D7000 -> 60D

Randy Benter wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

Nikon's View NX 2 and Canon's Digital Photo Professional aren't even in the same league.

View NX 2 is a slow clunky RAW converter that allows a few rudimentary slider adjustments.

Canon's Digital Photo Professional is more compareable to Nikon's Capture NX 2. The difference is that Canon DPP is free and Nikon charges for Capture NX 2.

I understand this is how you see it, but you are a rabid Canon fanboy, so I would advise everyone to take that into account when reading your opinions.

Someone with a more objective opinion would see it differently. I already stated that DPP is better than ViewNX2. You obviously don't have much experience with CaptureNX2, because DPP is not even close. U-points are awesome editing tools. I also use them in Lightroom, but it is an expensive plugin.

If I were to rate them on a scale of 1-to-10, it would look like this:
ViewNX2: 2
Elements ACR: 3
DPP: 4
ACR: 7
CaptureNX2: 8
Lightroom: 10

Note how I can rank Canon's free converter higher than Nikon's free converter, but I can still appreciate things not made by Canon. That is called objectivity. The way you measure things (Canon=great, EverythingElse=sucky) is not helpful to anyone on these forums.

I own Lightroom 4, and for some things it is better.

The problem is that for CR2 files, no third party tools do as good a job decoding them as DPP.

So, I end up doing most of my work in DPP. That has nothing to do with the Canon name on it, it has to do with what works best for me.

I am a former Nikon user and it was a very bad experience for me. You are correct I don't have a lot of experience with Capture NX 2, as I only did a trial on Capture NX and at the time it didn't do much more than the current View NX 2. And as I recall at the time View NX did nothing more than straight RAW conversions without any adjustments.

But, thanks for the personal slam, but, my opinions aren't based on only having used Canon products and liking them. But, having used other products and Canon products and finding that I like Canon products better.

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