Rocky Arbor State Park in Wisconsin

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Re: Here's a pano.

I have the same thing showing up in a pano I just took at Nay Aug Park. It is a problem, in my case, of exposure. I followed the rule of shooting all the shots for the pano using the same settings. In this case there were a good number of darker areas so I choose 1/50s, since I was using f8 to be sure I had enough DOF so everything was in focus. It was a bright day and so the area where I had small leaves and branches shows this same problem (indeed Chumsums pano is showing it in exactly the same type of situation). I know this since I took a picture of this same area using Aperture priority at f 5.6 and the camera choose 1/500s and the problem disappears.

This old rule is a good one for panos when you are using limited stitching software, but I suspect the software I am using can handle the variance of exposure if I use AE with Aperture priority. I will have to test this out, but since many scenes do vary so much there is no single setting that will handle the full range of scenes in the pano. I expect not using AF still makes good sense, however. The whole idea is to not have pictures so different they cannot be stitched, and shifting focus may still cause problems.



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